3D Home Design Software for Someone with Little or No CAD Experience

Isn't it quite amazing how technology has made life so easy; we can even create our own interior design ideas with easy-to-use interior design software? Half a century ago, who would have thought . . .?

Interior design was not much heard of either. If you had to design an interior, you had to develop the idea in your head. This is not to say that some didn't do sketches on sketch pads, but how many of us had such drawing abilities?

Of course there were the architects, but they designed purely architectural drawings. Interior design in the real sense of the word was not a profession as it is today. We never even dreamed there wll be some software to create drawings at a few clicks of a button.

3D Software, What's That?

Those of us who studied interior design decades ago created our designs using a drafting table, T-square, drafting paper, a set of pencils, and drawing ink. Yes there were the other little tools. . . Those plastic graded triangles, math sets with compass, eraser, rulers, etc. . . . Everyone had its own different function. And our finished layouts, carefully inked onto drafting paper had to be taken to special printers, sometimes miles away!

Things are so different today; we interior designers and decorators are 'over the moon'. To design interior spaces is now a breeze with the advent of 3D home design software, and you can print out your drawings without getting off your seat.

But then technology has gone even further than that. Now there is 3D design software that has been so simplified, even someone with little or no CAD experience can use it.

Don’t be ‘fooled’ though; don’t think because it’s so simplified, professionals won’t find much use of it. You’ll be surprised that even the professional home designers utilize this software for interior design tasks.

Punch! Interior Design Suite 17.7

Who Can Use Home Design Software?

Now that almost ANYONE, including a novice, can now create an interior layout with very simple design software programs, prices have become very affordable. In fact it won’t be incorrect to say that you’ll find prices are so cheap, every interior and landscape design student, homeowner, interior decorator, builder, re-modeler, etc… should own one. Remember, you don't require any CAD skills to use home design software.
 Punch! Home & Landscape Design 17.7

1. Home-owners – If you wish to add an extra room or two, but can't afford the pricey services of an interior designer, get one of these home design programs and play around with it. I can bet you; within a few hours, you'd have almost mastered its use . . . and saved a couple of thousand dollars in the process.

2. Interior decorators – If you are an interior decorator, don't limit yourself to conceiving your ideas as thoughts in your mind, without having the opportunity to put it down ‘on paper’ so to say. If that’s the way you operate, only you can 'see' them. And don't rely on scribbling your decorating ideas in a little note book you carry along in your handbag either. Learn to use really simple 3D software like this to create your decorating ideas, and see them materialise right there ‘in your face’. Just devote some hours to learning how to use one and before you know it, you will succeed in impressing your clients in no time. Herein lays the importance of 'visuals'.

3. Students - If you are a student of interior design, home designing software is a must have tool for your interior design training. Many students have discovered that owning one is good step towards learning and being more professional in their chosen career. Besides, being proficient with its use is an added advantage which gives you an edge once you are out there in the real world working as a career interior designer.

4. Interior Designer – As a professional interior designer, you will most certainly find 3D home design software a useful tool to have. You may find you don’t need anything more advanced than these simple programs. Because the program is easy to use doesn't make it less useful than software programs like Autodesk, AutoCAD, or TurboCAD. And though some of us know how to use AUTOCAD, it doesn't work well for interior design drawings because it is more architectural and engineering oriented. Its CAD capabilities will give you real power to create awesome interior and take your design abilities to a new level for you and your clients.

5. Home builder – Because designing a residential home is no more the exclusive reserve of architects . . . thanks to technology . . . computer savvy residential builders must possess one.

What Can 3D Home Design Do For You?

What can this software do for you? Here are a few examples:
  • Remodelling your home’s interior
  • Adding an extra room or space
  • Doing a landscape makeover
  • Carrying out any home design projects for local clients
  • Giving your kitchen a makeover
  • Reshaping your garden; adding a deck, gazebo, patio (you get the idea)

You can easily design elements such as a swimming pool, a spa, a loft (to serve as an additional room), new bathroom design, design a kitchen like a professional, and much more

Features of Home Design Software - Why You'll Want One

Their interior design software has a short and enjoyable learning curve and it has awesome features that will get you "moving" from a blank sheet on the interface to a 3D rendering of your design in minutes.
Punch Home Design Essentials v17.5

If you are a first time user, you will find great help in the video tutorials included in the home design program that launches from the help menu. It will take you on a step-by-step familiarisation tour of the software.

It includes a library of common architectural elements - walls, doors, windows, cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, furnishings, furniture, and surfaces. And your finished diagrams can be viewed from a variety of vantage points, giving you the exact way the final designs will be like.

Other features include:
  • A pool/pond designer
  • A camera path
  • Lighting controls.
  • Walk-through features.
  • Transition effects
Additionally, you can also control material and project costs with the programs estimator, easily edit your materials lists, and print them out to send to your suppliers and contractor.