Compact Mobile Office Desks for Work from Home Mums

You finally decide to work from home but you lack the space to set up a work-from-home-office. Your apartment may be small, which is usually the case . . . reason why you don’t have much space to spare, and working on your coffee table, the dining table, or on the kitchen counter doesn’t auger well if you have serious work to do; neither does working while sitting up on your bed.

If you fall into this category of homeowners/tenants, then it’s best to look out for a small writing surface and chair that can be easily tucked away into a niche or corner of any room.

Another alternative is to get a mobile office desk set. You can wheel it anywhere you wish and lock its castors in position wherever you want to place it. It should feature storage spaces – drawers, shelves - to organize some of your work papers, printer, and other items.

If you normally use it in the living room for instance, you can easily move it out of sight when guests visit. However, because it can be appealing and attractive if positioned well, many are known to locate in a spot that’s visible to all.

The mobile office desk can also serve as a storage cart for any room within the home, as a workstation for the kids, as a private spot for sewing enthusiasts, or as a craft table; reasons why it is such a versatile piece of furniture.

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