Interior Design Project Manager: Services. Challenges. Issues. Solutions.

Do you know that as an interior designer, you can work as an interior design project manager? If you are less inclined to the creative aspect of interior design but still wish to be a part of the industry, have you ever considered project management services?

If you feel clients do not need the services of an interior design project manager to manage their projects, then you are mistaken. Many clients, especially the corporate ones, don’t have the time to oversee their complex or not-so-complex design projects and although some may leave it totally in the hands of the interior designer that created the concept and did the design works (and hope for the best); when it comes to managing a complex project, it is best to employ the services of an independent management team.

Not all interior design projects require project management services. For instance, smaller projects like interior upgrades – kitchens, bathrooms, storage solutions, minor renovations, etc..., may not require the services of an independent project manager, but larger and more-complex building and interior construction tasks do. Such complex tasks that are majorly commercial projects include (but is not limited to) the following:

Real estate and property developers – Major stakeholders in the building industry who acquire land for residential or commercial development, plan and manage the construction process, and the selling or leasing of properties to end-buyers.

Architects and engineers – While an architect focuses more on the art and design of a building, an engineer focuses more on the technical and structural aspect of construction.

Construction industry – In the interior design category of the construction sector, interior construction, renovations, alterations, restorations and building repairs are some of the areas that require project management services.

Clients with large or complex interior design projects – These are mainly commercial design projects. Examples include designs of restaurants, bars, shopping malls, hotels, motels, etc...

Building contractors – They are general contractors mainly responsible for erecting a structure/building project within a budget and on time. Building contractors can be involved in anything from re-modelling a residential building to building a new structure from scratch.

Project Management Requires a Variety of Skills

Project management is not necessarily an easy and straightforward task though. It requires a variety of skills which only a professional can offer. But the good thing is that if you are a professional interior designer, it is more than likely that you have these skills because you are already familiar with the ‘terrain’ of the profession which includes responsibilities like defining the scope of works, planning, budgeting, organizing, accounting, team management, procurements, workers safety which includes their health, and welfare requirements.

An interior design project manager must not only satisfy all client needs, he or she must also create a comfortable and conducive environment for those who will occupy the interior space after all works are completed.

So, what are the major challenges and problems faced by an interior design project manager, how can such difficulties be avoided, and if they do, how do you solve them? This interior design handbook – Interior Design Project Manager: Challenges, Solutions, and Golden Ruleswill instruct you on how to overcome the challenges of interior design project management and how to avoid failures caused by unclear plans and objectives”.

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