Function-Specific Interior Design Bullet Journal and Sketchbook Every Interior Designer Needs

As an interior designer or interior decorator, have you ever wondered how it will be like to have a work diary or journal that is interior-design specific? Many of us have the odd notebook to take our site measurements, do quick sketches, doodle, or even illustrate some feature for prospective clients or employers. We almost all have that all-in-one book with information, ideas, goals, schedules, quick sketches and the lot, all over the pages in a not-so-organised manner.

If you run an interior design business, are new in the industry, or a veteran, you need some form of organising that goes beyond what a digital application can offer. And if you are an art fanatic that loves to draw, sketch, doodle, and/or colour interior design and décor illustrations, function-specific interior design bullet journals, diaries, sketchbooks and precise notebooks are good to have. 

Interior Design Writing Journal and Sketchbook with Adult Coloring Pages” is an interior design writing journal, a planner, an organizer, sketchbook, and adult colouring book all rolled into one. It is laid out in a fabulously organised way, is attractive, interior-design specific, and is ideal for use by, design enthusiasts and others in the creative arts profession. 

This interior design/ adult colouring notebook serves six main functions and contains space for every task a designer needs to get done. 

  • Sketching 
  • Taking notes 
  • Adult colouring 
  • Doodling 
  • Task planning 
  • Organising and storing 

You can jot down ideas, setting reminders, list vendors, and project details, and also write down goals you wish to accomplish. 

And if you are not a designer but have design-oriented friends and family members that love anything home décor this 180+ page book is the perfect gift idea.

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