Adding Colours to Interior Spaces with Furniture Accents and Accessories

When selecting any colour for your interior space . . . living room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, it is important that you consider first the style you wish to achieve, and then the feel or atmosphere you aim to create.

Deciding on a colour scheme that’ll make you pleased may seem daunting or overwhelming at first, but it isn’t really! Your questions will probably be:
  • What colour should I choose for my walls?
  • How do I make up my mind about what I want?
  • How do I know which colour goes well with what?
  • Should I go for classic or modern colour combinations
  • Should I go with trending colours?
Before you commence you first have to decide what mood you want the interior to portray. For instance, do you want a room that looks feisty and lively; tranquil and serene, or romantic and quixotic?

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The following pictures which shows how colours can be combined to work with each other will help you gain inspiration for a great colour palette for your home’s interior.

For these living room furniture pieces, accessories, and accents, blue is the base colour. The colour blue is abundant in nature . . . Blue skies, oceans, flowers, etc… that suggests calmness and serenity.

Brighten up the solid base colour by infusing the room with popping colours as seen in the area rug and throw cushions. The dark wood of the tables adds modern clean lines to the classic sofa and accent chair.

The base colour you choose will determine the mood you wish to evoke because different colours suggest different states of mind.

Colour trends have come and gone over the centuries, but there are some colour schemes that have been tried, tested, and still relevant today; truly, they have stood the test of time. Such is the black and white combination, the most classic and sleek of all.
Asides red which is the usual choice most will add, you can pop in some ‘chic’ by including some unexpected splash of colour(s) . . . fuscia pinks, yellows, limes (or turquoise as shown above).

For a romantic, nay passionate rustic feel, go for a red base colour! If you desire a room inspiring or stimulating, red is best as the main hue. Red depicts the vibrancy of life and is the colour of love and passion. But what goes wonderfully with red, that ‘cools down the heat’ of the hue?
Silver, grey, and green will do just that. On the other hand, for that touch of opulence, gold, works beautifully with red. For that modern high-tech look, it’s red with white and/or black. For a contemporary look, it is red with yellow, and/or blue.

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