10 Ways to Add Charm to Your Bedroom

How appealing is your bedroom? Is it just a room with the basic furniture pieces you need – a bed, one bedside cabinet (or small bedside table), a dressing table, a chair, and a chest of drawers (or not)? Yes, you may have all the basic furniture you need in your bedroom, but how visually pleasing is it?

Well you can give your bedroom an attractive look and an inviting appeal without breaking the bank as long as you have the basic pieces mentioned above. Remember that you spend a good number of hours in this room, probably more than you spend in any other room of your home.

Décor Ideas to Enhance Your Bedroom

1. Paint – Give the room a new coat of paint. You can choose to go with a relaxing colour scheme that evoke calming thoughts, or vibrant colours that can arouse high-spirited feelings. Set the mood of the room with a monochromatic colour or two complementing or contrasting hues.

2. Headboard - Use a creative headboard that will make the wall it’s placed against the focal point of the room. Having a wall that serves as a focal point in a bedroom sets a good starting point for decoration. You can work outwards from there.

3. Wall Decal - If you don’t have (or don’t want) a headboard, use an elaborate wall sticker (wall decal). Decals used in place of headboards make a good statement. They are bold and attractive enough to draw instant attention.

4. Bed Cover - Add some drama to your bedroom with this simple accent. It can be a vibrant and colourful ethnic blanket, plush red quilted velvet, or damask fabric, laid neatly or thrown carelessly in a stylish manner across the bed. This looks great on platform beds without side panels.

5. Bedside table lamps – Get a couple of decorative table lamps and set them on the bedside cabinets. Add figurines, mementos, cute framed pictures and the like.

6. Footstool – These make great additions to your bed. They come as upholstered (or not) benches, box chests with or without a top cushions that serve as storage, or a carved wooden chest you picked up at a garden sale. As boxed chests, they can serve as storage for linen, blankets, odds and ends, or anything else you wish. They also give a nice feel to the room and make a bed look ‘dignified’.

7. Window treatment – Some lovely drapery or window blind will add some style to a bedroom. Choose what goes with your bedroom décor. If you’ve set up a traditional style theme then classic treatments such as draping some fabric over a decorative brass rod, padded period pelmet, or valances. F or a modern setting, window blinds like bamboo wood shades and fabric sliding panels look great and will transform your bedroom instantly.

8. Area rug – having a runner rug on each side of your bed is a great addition to a drab room. Make sure it’s nice and colourful so it stands out conspicuously against your hard floor. It is important to ensure it’s is co-ordinated with colours, textures and patterns of other furnishings in the bedroom.

9. Framed artwork – Chose a strategically placed wall to hang some great wall art. Depending on what you desire, it can be a colourful painting that ties with a couple of colours in the bedroom. It can also be some vintage inspired black and white artwork or some inexpensive tapestry look-alike that you can hang on the wall.

10. Accent chair and table – make your bedroom more versatile by adding a chair and side table so you can relax and read a book without having to lie down on the bed to do so.

Let Your Bedroom Décor Reflect Your Personality

Remember, you must only add décor items that reflect your personality, aesthetically pleasing things that make you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Let your stylishness show through your choice of bedroom accents; unusual bedside lamps, wall hangings, vases, throw cushions, a rag rug, or chairs and bed cabinets. You can find the most unusual pieces at estate, car booth, and garage sales.

Don't Forget the Music

On a final note, don’t forget some nice background music but certainly not the television. It’s good to listen to some slow tempo music. It’s a great idea to add a music player of sorts in your bedroom. It certainly helps many get a good night’s sleep.