7 Types of Patio Furniture - Which Ones are Best for Outdoor Rooms?

There are different types of patio furniture but not all the types are suitable for outdoor rooms. Your outdoor room which can be anything from an attached patio or a gazebo to a screened-in porch or themed-garden may serve for entertaining, lounging, a work-at-home office, dining, and any activity in between. But to choose the right patio furniture that will work best for your space, you want to first consider comfort and functionality, and then durability.

Patio furniture must not only be aesthetically pleasing; they must be built to withstand the weather conditions in your region. We usually choose our furniture based on what we like or what we find attractive and desire to set up in our outdoor living spaces. However, whilst shopping for furniture to use outdoors, it’s good to first consider the effects of weather on the pieces we like.

Types of Patio Furniture

Furniture for outdoor rooms are generally made from any of the following five materials:
  1. Aluminium
  2. Wrought iron
  3. Steel
  4. Wood
  5. Wicker
  6. PVC
  7. Natural Raw Materials



If you live in a damp or humid region, your best choice for outdoor furniture is painted or enamel-coated aluminium garden furniture. They are best for such weather conditions because they will never rust or tarnish.


Wrought Iron

Wrought iron outdoor furniture is one of the popular choices among many homeowners. It generally comes as ornate pieces with intricate detailing. Many prefer wrought iron to aluminium or steel furniture because of its classic look and its rust-free qualities.


Steel (or Iron)

Steel has a disadvantage because, with this material, you must expect to see some rusting, especially IF its painting process is done poorly. To guard against rust, a high-quality rust-resistant coating must be generously applied to steel garden furniture before a final coat is applied.




Wood is about the most popular and affordable of all patio furniture, next to wicker. There tends to be a general preference though, for painted wood than stained wood or those left in its natural form. This is possible because white has a visually dramatic effect when placed among nature’s colours of green, brown, tan, olive, and various floral hues. 

Wood will withstand inclement weather, as long as it is seasoned and kiln-dried to a state of minimal water content. Some woods like redwood will splinter with age.



From planters to lounge chairs, resin-based outdoor furniture is perhaps the cheapest of them all. They are not only affordable, but they are also lightweight, attractive and environmentally friendly too. If you are conscious of the 'green revolution' movement, polyresin-based outdoor furniture is best for you. They never deteriorate and can withstand snow, dew, sun, rain and wind. 

The disadvantage of PVC-based furniture is that they may not tolerate consistent harsh freezing temperatures, especially after many years of use.


Natural Raw Materials


You can also go really creative by opting for furniture made from raw natural materials. Unfinished wood stumps and tree waste from dry felled timber can be made into furniture like tables, seats, stands, top surfaces, and benches. Stone or rock crafted furniture is also great outdoor furniture ideas.

How to Choose the Best Type of Outdoor Furniture

Before you choose your patio furniture, do a little bit of planning and research.
  • Decide on your theme. It is good to have a theme, something nice and pleasant enough to make you want to sit outdoors every possible time. Planning a theme from the onset will ensure you create the perfect patio.
  • Do you want your patio to become an extension of the indoors?
  • The size of your patio also matters. The furniture you choose must be the right scale because you don’t want bulky outdoor furniture in a small space; neither do you want short stumpy furnishings in a space with a high ceiling.
  • For small spaces, consider foldable, stackable or collapsible patio furniture. They are particularly efficient and come in handy when extra seating is required for partying or entertaining.
  • If you are a frequent entertainer with a large outdoor entertaining area, a combination of built-in and moveable furniture is a good idea. Built-in outdoor furniture is very useful in defining areas within a large space like creating two separate zones within a patio.
  • Remember to plan for storage as well. For instance, you can create a built-in perimeter platform that serves for both seating and storage. If you entertain or love to dine on your patio, you’ll need storage for outdoor cooking equipment.

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