How to Clean Bamboo Window Shades the Easy Way

Classified as a modern and ‘green’ window treatment, bamboo window shades have become a popular choice among homeowners and interior decorators, cherished for its natural look and texture, convenience, affordability, and easy to install.

No need for professional drapery makers or couture window curtains sewers that not only charge you quite an amount of money to make conventional curtains but also suggest styles that require yards and yards of fabric.

Being a choice window treatment, bamboo blinds are not only modern, sleek, and streamlined, they are also eco-friendly, stylish, versatile, asides being affordable . . . great qualities all rolled up in one.

But how do you maintain and clean bamboo shades?

Things You’ll Need to Clean Bamboo Window Shades

Being made from natural materials, the bamboo blind may be prone (over time) to mildew, layers of dust, cobwebs, or even mould if it’s exposed to moisture or dampness.

To clean, dust, and maintain these types of window shades, you’ll require:
  • Soft sponge (or washcloth)
  • Feather duster
  • Oil soap (like Murphy oil soap)
  • Washtub (if necessary)
  • White vinegar (if necessary)

Dust your blinds regularly, AT LEAST once a week but if you live in a dusty or sandy area, dust every four to five days. A feather brush will do the job quite fine. However, you can use a soft brush to dust off accumulated dust if you haven’t dusted much for a while. But it’s wise to clean it regularly so it always looks brand new.

Make sure you dust between the bamboo slats as gently as you can.

Wash your bamboo blinds once in a couple of months. Many believe it needs to be washed every month but if you dust your blinds regularly, there isn’t any reason why you’ll need to dunk it in water every 30 days.

To wash, dismantle the shades. Run some warm water in your bath and add some oil soap. If there is mould, you can add vinegar to the water instead of the oil soap. Some use a bit of bleach but bleach can affect the bamboo shade’s . . . the fabric attachment (the string) that holds the blind’s panels together.

But try not to let your blinds degenerate to that!

Ensure the shades are completely submerged in the bathwater. Leave to soak for no more than 5 minutes then scrub gently with a soft brush or washcloth.

When you see that the bamboo shades are clean, remove from the tub and drain out the dirty water in the bathtub. Rinse the blinds with warm water using the shower hose, until all soap is rinsed off. Let it drip-dry out in the sun until it dries completely.

For general maintenance of your bamboo blinds, use a vacuum cleaner with a cleaning attachment to gently suck up trapped particles that dusting may have missed. It’s also good to remove cobwebs (if any) this way.

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