Home Office Ideas - How to Create a Functional Workstation

Do you work from home and if you do, how comfortable is your workstation?

Many who work from home seem quite comfortable using the kitchen counter or the dining table as an office desk. But then, in the kitchen, when it’s time for food preparation and cooking, everything - books, pens, phones, laptop and all get pushed to the side to create space for the room’s purpose.

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Yet others run their home office in the living room, feeling generally unfazed with, discs, USB drives, routers and the like strewn all over the floor or on the coffee table.

None of these working conditions are good enough for anyone that works from home.

Though we have all the advantages and perks of technology which basically means we can run our home business in less space, it is still best to identify and create a spot in the home to work comfortably and efficiently.

This can be a small part of the living room, dining area, the hallway, a corner, niche, or by a bay window. A private space that’s conducive for your work solely and out of the way of other members of the household. But then this is great if you have ample space in your home.

In many cases, the home is small and there is barely much space to allocate for a home office. If this is the case, there needs to be ‘sharing of space’. But how do you separate home and work life when they share the same interior space?

Areas in the Home That Can Serve as Office Space

Finding the best space to serve as a home office work station is usually the easy part but designing and decorating the space using functional and efficient furniture and furnishings that’s the right scale and size in relationship to the rest of the room is the “not-so-easy part”.

But first, let’s identify the possibilities:
  • Underneath the staircase
  • First floor landing
  • A niche or recess that’s a minimum of 90cm (36 inches) wide 60cm (24 inches) deep and 180cm (72 inches) high
  • Free wall space within the living or dining area
  • A existing closet
  • The extra room (once the kids have ‘flown the coop’).
  • A guest room that can double up as a study or home office
There must be perfect integration of your home business setting with the rest of the surrounding interior space. So it’s important that you pick out the best place within your home to do your other home business tasks without turning everything upside down!

14 Ways to Make your Workstation Functional, Comfortable, and Pleasant

It is important to create your own personalised workstation. Asides making it functional and comfortable, you must endeavour to make it cheery, bright, and even colourful. Your home office must come across as a passionately put together space with a real sense of energy.

Most home based workers often forget that this space needs to be attractive and inviting, worrying more about its function and ergonomics. But creating an office at home goes beyond that. You want an office that is so lovely that you don't want to close the door on it or hide it from inquisitive eyes. You want to show it off!

When designing a home office, you should:

1. Blend it into the surroundings in a pleasing manner

2. Ensure it is organised and free of clutter

3. Keep your desk neat and avoid too much desk bound paperwork

4. Have a memo board for notelets, to-do list, calendar, or photographs.

5. Store files, receipts, and the like electronically

6. Make sure your desk and its accessories match the room’s d├ęcor and theme for a sleek stylish look

7. Make the workstation a flexible space in the event that other family members wish to use it

8. Ensure the scale of your home office furniture corresponds with the scale of other items in the room

9. Have ample storage. Try installing floating shelves above the desk and/or vertical files to organize and keep at arm's reach If your work requires you to store a lot of paperwork

10. Add a splash of bright colours (wall, chair, and floor rug)

11. Hide all electrical cords. This makes your workspace clean and organized

12. Make sure that you have a very comfortable chair. Remember that you may have to sit in it for hours to get your work done

13. Have good lighting for your desk and its close surrounding area

14. Accessorize your office desk in a pleasing manner. Personalise your workstation with things that make you motivated and cheerful

Your home office workstation is an interior zone where you’ll be spending a great deal of time working, so it is important to be happy with its setup.

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