9 Eclectic Style Mistakes - Why You Got the Design Wrong

What is an eclectic style and how does it relate to interior design? The word “eclectic” is a popular description used in interior design phrasing. It is a theme that comprises a mix of various decor elements and is a combination of textures, colours, era styles, and current trends. Like a mishmash of the old and new.

Many people decorate their home interiors in an eclectic style though some may not be aware that they have. They find that they just choose and put together stuff they love in a stylish manner. They are creating an eclectic style by the blending of various styles while creating a unified look with form, colour schemes, textures, and finishes.

The eclectic style is easy to love and when it is put together in the right way, it can turn out to be a great style. However, the style is a bit tricky to achieve.

Many people think eclecticism symbolises a jumble of forms, textures, colours, patterns, and a mish-mash of unrelated pieces of furniture, but this is far from the truth. Though the theme is a combination of the old and new, most people desirous of the look are way off the mark most of the time.

Common Mistakes that Occur When Creating Eclectic Style Interiors 

  1. Absence of proper planning - You didn’t consider your theme preference from the start. In planning out an eclectic style interior, the furniture arrangement is one of the most important things to first work out before going out to purchase anything.
  2. Lack of a focal point - Your curated look must not lack direction and focus. There must be an eye-catching feature and it can be anything from a fireplace or an elaborate wall art to conspicuous decor items like a wall-mounted tribal mask or a stucco finish feature wall.
  3. Your interior space is not a showroom – Since you have to live in, and therefore must feel comfortable in the space, utility and functionality must inform the way you decorate. Think of how you intend to use the interior space first. This way, you’ll choose items that will help you pull everything together harmoniously.
  4. Inconsistency - An abrupt change in style of the adjoining spaces or rooms makes an eclectic theme look disjointed and disconnected. Ensure there is a smooth flow; each room must complement the other. Eclecticism must be reflected throughout the home's interior, whether subtly or elaborately.
  5. Absence of a unifying colour – This is a common eclectic style mistake. There must be one colour that must pull the whole look together. This colour will be your "go-to" colour that will serve as an equalizer.
  6. A lack of balance in scale - There must be a balance in symmetry and scale and the total look must look organised. It is true that with eclecticism, there are different styles from different eras just as textures vary, however, this is no reason to sacrifice organisation for diversity.
  7. Believing anything goes – Many may feel that with this style, anything goes simply because it is meant to be eclectic. Not so. You must avoid making everything look like a random choice. It will end up looking busy, cluttered, and distracting. Rather, make sure you don’t have too many contrasting styles in one space as it may end up looking a mess.
  8. Being too reserved - With eclectic interior decoration, you don’t have to be conservative; the fact is that you can't. Eclectic style is made up of a good number of decor items, fabrics, textures and patterns so, for example, if you have a plain sofa and chairs, 'eclectic-up' with accent items like colourful throw pillows, paintings, area rugs, objects-d'art, accent chairs, animal prints, and tapestry.
  9. Wrong paint sampling procedures – Another mistake is trying to compare hues and tones as a line-up on the walls. You should try to avoid sampling colours you like on the wall because you may end up getting confused and indecisive. Rather, sample the colours you like on individual boards and look at them individually before making your final choice.

You can try to avoid these common errors and use them to guide your design. Avoiding these eclectic style mistakes will ensure that you successfully bring the theme together and create a wonderful look. An eclectic style, when well put together, will highlight your bold and unique taste and broadcast the confidence you have in developing your own decor style.

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