How to Style a Plain Sofa

A sofa is the main seat in our living room and thus deserves a bit of attention. However, because it's a piece of furniture that lasts many years (asides wine stains, grubby finger marks, and cigarette burns), it tends to be over-used and a bit worn-out with time.


The great thing about sofas is that their frames last a long time, therefore, they can be re-upholstered again and again, giving them a fabric change once in a few years.

It doesn't matter if the design of your sofa is plain and unimpressive; you can 'up' its style with other furnishing components by adding them unto and around it. The total ensemble will greatly enhance its look and turn it into a 'stylish' piece.

Enhance a Drab Sofa with Furnishings

To give this important chair a tasteful look that will make it appear brand new again, consider adding the following items, most of which are quite affordable. They will not only enhance a sofa, they will also add a new vivacity to the entire room.
  • Throw pillows
  • Unique side stools
  • Table lamps
  • Area rug
  • Wall art
  • Ornamental pieces (for your coffee table) – carvings, scented candles, flower vase, mementoes, etc...
If you wish to create a vibrant look, add lively and striking colours that are uplifting. On the other hand, if your preferences tend towards the plain and understated, choose earth tones in shades of light and dark, depending on the sofa’s fabric design and colour.

Don’t forget to have a mix of smooth and textured fabrics with patterns that are abstract, geometric, modern, or traditional. The choices you make will depend on the theme you wish to create.


If your existing sofa is heavily patterned, ensure that furnishings you add to enhance it are predominantly plain. You want to avoid a ‘riotous’ look. And if your sofa is upholstered with plain fabric (which most are), you are allowed to splash out on the colours, bearing in mind that you have to take the other colours in the room into consideration.

Add beautiful artwork (metal art, painting, portrait, or poster) on the wall the sofa is set against. It’s good to ensure that your choice of art is a good size and occupies a sizeable space, whether single or clustered. If the scale of your artwork is not in sync with the size of the sofa, it will appear to fade into the wall.

Placing table lamps on each side of a sofa is aesthetically pleasing, so get a couple of distinctive lamps to place on your side stools which must be equally unique.

Styling any sofa, be it new, old or drab sofa is quite exciting. However, don’t restrict yourself to trending set-ups if you don’t wish to. You can create your own look as long as you let your creative juices flow freely.

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