Decorating Ideas for a Den (Family Room)

A den or family room is a room or space within a home that’s meant to function as a room to relax, throw off your shoes and curl up your feet on a sofa or a pile of pillows placed on the floor. But then, it can serve more purposes than this.

Also referred to as a family room, the furniture in the den must be comfortable, plush if possible, filled with furnishings and furniture that ‘speaks’ comfort; informal; and relaxing.

Design by Viryabo@Polyvore

For those who have a separate room that serves as the den, it can be furnished independent of the theme of the rest of the interior, or even the adjoining room/space. The room can serve as a multi-function room – a study/living space, a home office/game room, library/computer room, the kids playroom, or a private retreat/entertainment centre.

For others who have a space carved out within a space to function as a family area, there are decorative ways to carve out a den from, say, a large living room, bedrooms’ lobby, or in some cases, wider-than-usual corridors.

Den Layout and Design Must be Pleasing

Try to avoid letting your den become the messy room. In some homes, it's sometimes a complete wreck. Just because it's the room to lounge around in doesn’t mean it should be open to neglect in terms of decoration. When your family room is neat and nicely furnished, you’ll find it truly relaxing and possibly therapeutic.

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Den Design Ideas - Images

The following den design ideas include traditional, modern, and rustic themes (All designs by viryabo@polyvore)

Design by Viryabo@Polyvore

Design by Viryabo@Polyvore