Slate Kitchen Countertops: 16 Reasons for Its Growing Popularity

Slate kitchen worktops are one of the finest traditional natural stone countertops that have been used in kitchens for hundreds of years. It is very attractive, has a surprisingly modern look, is very durable and non-porous, and is now highly desired as kitchen worktops and bathroom counter surfaces.

The handsome and elegant look of natural stone makes this slate kitchen worktop look stunning - A modern look using a classic material.

Reasons Why Slate Kitchen Countertops Are Popular

  1. Slate worktops have a distinctly handsome appearance with its elegant and classic look.
  2. The natural stone which comes in hues of blue-black, grey, and muted black blends beautifully with any style of decor - traditional, contemporary, or ultra-modern. Slate also comes in a variety of shades of red, brown, deep purple, blue, and dark green.
  3. Slate is known to be non-porous, which makes it resistant to oils, food stains, and juices. Its surface is impermeable.
  4. It is estimated to have a life-span of close to a century. 
  5. This material does not encourage the growth of bacteria. This quality makes it an excellent anti-bacterial kitchen worktop material.
  6. It is a much better alternative to marble kitchen counters because it does not absorb stains and does not dull with age.
  7. Slate can’t be shined or polished to a glazed finish like marble or granite. Rather, its beauty really lies in its unique natural rustic look. 
  8. Slate is a hardy material and will not easily chip or get scratches.
  9. If you use soft-slate as opposed to the hard-slate, scratches may occur but if or when they do, it can be rubbed out easily with a smooth hard-surfaced implement.
  10. It a dream choice of architects, interior designers and many homeowners for high-end kitchen designs.
  11. It is very easy to maintain and only requires cleaning like you will for other natural stone worktops. There isn't any need to use special cleaners (mild soap and a damp cloth are best used).
  12.  It stands up very well to heat, so you can place your hot pans on its surface without worrying about marring your countertop.
  13. Compared to granite and marble kitchen worktops, slate countertops are much less expensive.
  14. If you don't particularly care for granite or marble worktops because of their bold (sometimes subtle) streaky patterns which can be overtly busy-looking, the slate stone with its stellar looks is a great alternative.
  15. It has a more uniform appearance than its close relatives - granite, marble, and quartz.
  16. It is now an on-trend kitchen material with its rising popularity. With slate installed as your kitchen countertop, you will find it becomes a conversational point when people walk into your kitchen.

Blue-black shades of slate will transform any kitchen into a sophisticated food preparation cum family hub zone.

  • There are numerous cheap slate materials on the market that not only stain fairly easily, they also tend to fade and de-laminate, especially if they are at cut-throat prices, so it is good to beware of the cheaper versions.
  • To get the best quality slate kitchen worktop that will stand the test of time, it is best to buy natural slate that’s been smoothed with diamond-edged machines (using fine diamonds to abrade). These types come out in a beautiful matte finish.
  • If you want to create that wet-glazy look that's typical of granite (slate has a soft matte sheen), you can rub the surface with lemon or coconut oil.
  • Slate worktops can have slightly brittle and sharp edges so it is recommended that you have them rounded-off to avoid household hazards or injuries.

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