How Do Interior Designers Charge Their Clients for Design Services?

How interior designers charge their clients for services rendered? This question is relevant to both interior designers and their clients’. To an interior designer, knowing how to bill a client for a potential contract that they hope to get, without over-billing or under-charging can be somewhat challenging. As a professional interior designer, I know the dilemma of trying to charge reasonably without shooting myself in the foot. I know I am not alone. 

And then there are the clients. Most clients don’t know what to expect. Many people believe that interior designers come very expensive and would not even dare to think about employing the services of one. Some ask why they need a designer’s input when they can do it all by themselves; the DIY enthusiasts of course.

But what happens when you have a project that does require the input of a professional designer? Something more complex like renovations or partial upgrades; interior design works that require design layouts, blueprints, 3D drawings, etc...? How about the not-so-complex tasks like a kitchen or bathroom upgrade on a budget or upgrading a dull drab living room?

There are many ways that an interior designer can charge for services rendered and this eBook “How Interior Designers Charge for Their Services - Fee Structures and Guidelines for your Interior Design Business” will show you how. In this book, you’ll find different billing structures. There will be at least a couple of pricing structures that will work best for you and your interior design business.

So whether you are a client who wants to be sure and happy about the way you are being billed, a designer that plans to start up an interior design business or you are already a practising interior designer who wants to avoid costly mistakes that will either make you lose revenue (despite your hard work) or, at best, allow you to just break even, you will be glad you got this book that comes in both digital and paperback forms.

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