How to Write An Interior Design Contract Agreement Document

Many interior designers are guilty of not drawing up and signing a contract agreement document with their clients' before a project begins. And some of us who have been in the interior design business for many years still overlook this very important aspect of client/employer relationship. Well after a few nasty issues, I’ve wizened up to the fact that ignoring this advice is “at your own peril”.

The interior design business is just as important as any other business but some designers seem to forget this because the profession is an exciting one and are therefore prone to work on tasks with an I-enjoy-doing-this mind-set. But this is wrong because you are not only in the business to make money, you are also in it to ensure the successful execution of every job you do, big or small.

From experience, I find that most clients are great to work with, and some fabulous client-designer relationships have developed into long-lasting friendships too. However, while some clients can be overtly difficult or outright impossible to work with, some interior designers don’t deliver as promised either, and this after much sugar-coated selling to a fascinated unsuspecting client.

To avoid running into troubled waters and potential litigations, it is best to have a signed pact between both designer and client. This way, everything is well documented and clear-cut before the project begins.

The contract agreement need not be anything complex that’s full of technical mumbo-jumbo. All that’s required are a few important clauses that are interior design-related, and if you have ever been in doubt about the importance of contract agreements and what clauses are vital to include, this book “Important Clauses to Add to An Interior Design Contract Agreement - Significance of Signed Pacts Between Interior Designers and Clients” explains what is required and why.

Some of these clauses protect not only you as a designer, but also your client as well. So, in the event that there is disagreement or dispute between both parties, a formal letter of an agreement becomes the saving grace. And as long as everything is spelt out in clear terms and both parties have signed it, neither of you will be held legally responsible for any action or inaction.

Interior Design Contract Agreement Templates Online

And, you don’t have to draw up an interior design contract agreement if you don’t know how to. You don’t need to employ the services of a legal practitioner if you aim to save a lot of money either. Most of today’s interior designers now opt for downloadable ready-to-use interior design contract agreement templates. They are affordable, simple to adapt, and print-ready. There are free ones available too but I’ll advise against using the free versions as they have many limitations.

Interior Designer Contract Templates
100% Customizable Templates - Instant Download in all File Formats and Sizes

These ready-made contract agreement templates are also editable in all versions of Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PDF and can be shared and signed digitally, so it doesn’t matter which part of the world either party lives in, as long as the contract can be signed and work commences.