Interior Design Task-Specific Workbooks, Planners, and Journals

If you are an interior designer, you will understand that even with the best software programs, we cannot do without drawing pen(cil)s and paper. It is near impossible. Paper still tends to reign supreme as a storehouse for some of our best design concepts.

Interior Design Planner and Daily Journaling Notebook

The interior design profession involves drawing, sketching, writing, presenting, managing, procuring, planning, measuring, and a lot more. The list goes on. I cannot dare to imagine losing important stuff stored on my system or in the cloud. Wading through information is at the best of times, a chore. But that’s not the point. 

Measure, Sketch, and Dimension Notebook for Interior Designers

Creative inspiration hits at the oddest of times. And at times like this,  it is easier and quicker to pick up my task-specific workbook/journal and do a quick hand sketch and write-up. Much quicker than it takes to log into a drawing software program. 

Space Planning Sketchbook for Interior Designers

What are task-specific interior design workbooks? They are journals, diaries, workbooks, logbooks, planners, activity books, mood-boards, portfolios, organizers, sketch pads, and the like. They are crafted and created specifically for interior designers by a professional interior designer who knows what is required in the industry. 

Interior Design Mood Board and Imagery Collection Journal

Interior designers tend to be selective and detail-oriented. They know what they want and whatever it is, there must be a balance between function, style, and aesthetics. It must be user-friendly and easy to reference. Working with loose sheets of paper or run-of-the-mill notebooks will not just cut it for the professional.

Interior Designing Mood Board Journal (PORTRAIT)

Task-specific interior design books are good to use by beginners, students of interior design, professionals, including freelance and veterans designers, design enthusiasts, and of course, career interior decorators. 

Doodle and Sketch Book for Interior Designers: Dot Grid Pages for Doodling and Sketching

Other Books of Interest

Interior Design Writing Journal and Sketchbook with Adult Coloring Pages