9 Brilliant Budget-Friendly Renovation Ideas

Renovations don’t come cheap, and while it has been said that it’s good to refurbish a home every ten years on average (a room refurbishment varies from six to eight years), depending on the extent of makeover desired, to upgrade interiors need not be expensive or cumbersome.

Interior design and décor styles do go out of fashion too, especially if you follow vogues and trends that quietly slip away after a few years. For those who fall under this group, you’ll always need to refurnish, re-paint, and select new schemes and themes on a continuous basis. Expensive ventures!

But you don’t have to spend loads of money for renovation works and you need not wait a decade to upgrade your interior space. You can always achieve a charming uplift in a budget-friendly manner if you follow these brilliant tips which will ensure the look of your interior never goes out of style.

1. For a timeless look, a style that stays around for a long time, stick to classic furnishings. To give a refreshing look every few years, you can update them with décor items and accessories like wall art, throw pillows, sculptures, personal keepsakes, and framed photographs. Never underestimate how simple accessories can complete a design concept and ‘finish’ a room.

2. To inject a fresh look new look into a room that looks ‘tired’, renovate in a simple but effective way. Change the lampshades (shape, colour, or both), add new throw pillows with classic patterns, texture, and complementary colours, display new vases or urns and place a water fountain on the coffee table or an elaborate one on the floor.

3. Flooring - Introduce budget-friendly but stylish changes that never go out of fashion. A good example is engineered hardwood floors. They are not only a great choice to transform an interior space, but they also remain stylish and never fade in and out of the usual trend patterns.


4. Add moldings and cornices to liven up the walls. Paint them is soft colours that will enhance the entire interior space. For a more traditional look, add dado rails.

5. Adorn the walls with art – large one piece items, or clusters of small framed art to form a gallery. A feature wall can be created from a wall filled with framed photographs, a wall-hung tapestry or huge framed painting accented with directional spot lighting.

6. Change the main wall finish and turn it into a feature wall using paintable embossed wallpaper or 3D wall panels (three-dimensional decorative wall panels). They are lightweight and can be painted to any desired colour. Having feature walls are great ways to transform both commercial and residential interiors, without having to carry out major refurbishing works to create aesthetically pleasing spaces.


7. Interior walls and ceiling finish – It is best choosing neutral colours, warm or cool. Neutral colours work well with everything and serve as a wonderful backdrop to furniture and furnishings.

8. Create cove lighting for a dropped ceiling in a living or dining zone. The false ceiling with hidden lights will transform a room remarkably especially if dropped over a specific zone in the interior space. Cove lights work great in both modern and traditional style interiors and can also be regarded as timeless.


9. Remember to create a sense of flow with colour choice. Finishing one room starkly different from the other is a fad that wears thin pretty fast. You may find you need to change that colour within a couple of years. Repeat at least one finish throughout the home.

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