10 Kitchen Remodelling Ideas (Kitchen Makeovers)

They call kitchens the heart of the home, the family gathering spot at meal times, a room we spend a good number of hours ‘toiling’ in, preparing food for the household. This is an important room in the home and is known to serve the main purpose of preparing and cooking meals. Some kitchens include eating facilities like a dinette or breakfast counter, and in many homes it’s a place to oversee the kids whilst they do their homework.

Sometimes there comes a point in time when you take a look at your kitchen and find you are either tired of its current style, hate the colour scheme you loved so much ten years ago, or simply find that its layout isn’t so functional after all.
  • So what can you do to bring some ‘life’ back into your kitchen?
  • How much do you have to expend on a kitchen makeover?
  • Are you thinking of minor changes, a touch of colour here or there, something very affordable (cheap)?
  • Do you think it needs a total change of concept? 

Firstly you have to decide on a theme, style, or look you desire.

Secondly you’ll need to have and draw up a budget . . . are you aiming to spend a little or are you willing to spend a lot?

Thirdly, you’ll have to decide if it’s a task that you can carry out yourself (DIY) or one that you’ll need to call in the experts.

Now you can work towards having layouts (floor plan at the least) prepared to bring your idea to ‘life’.

Ten Ways to Re-model Your Kitchen 

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, what do you require of the space, what design or style are you looking for, and how functional and versatile do you wish the room to be?

Here are ten ways to give your kitchen a makeover, some are simple and affordable but others may require some minor construction works. Some of these concepts may open up your mind to other ideas and a number of them can be achieved without you ‘breaking the bank’.

1. Change kitchen cabinet doors and drawer face - If you want your kitchen to have a new look you can replace the doors and drawer faces with new ones. The body of the cabinets is basic and it’s really the doors and drawers that make kitchen cabinets look appealing (or not). For instance, a country style kitchen can be made to look totally modern by just changing these components while keeping the cabinet's body intact.

2. Change your countertop material - A change from an old style laminated countertop to a natural material such as marble, slate, or granite will transform any dull lacklustre kitchen. If you kitchen's colour scheme is monochromatic, use coloured marble or granite. And if you have purely white cabinets, a black marble or granite top will modernize the room.

3. Change the wall finish - Though a great number of homeowners have their kitchen walls tiled, many have theirs painted or wallpapered. If your kitchen walls are painted and you are tired of its look, jazz it up with some decorative wallpaper. Fresh looking walls really brighten up a room and shows evidence there's been a makeover done. On the other hand, if you have wallpapered walls have them removed and prepare the walls to receive a fresh coat of colour co-ordinated paint.

And for previously tiled walls, if you are not ready to go the lengths of removing (hacking off) wall tiles, install decorative wall decals (stickers) right onto the tiles (if plain) to create a specific theme. For example, flowers, herbs, and fruits for a country look; black or white circles for a dominoes effect which is quite modern, or something nice and geometric

4. Change handles and knobs - A simple inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen cabinets is by changing the knobs and handles. For a more traditional theme, change plain boring hardware to more ornate pieces and if you wish to make your kitchen look modern, change them to shiny chrome, ceramic, stainless steel, or crystal types. Cabinet hardware, are known as the "jewelry" of kitchen cabinet and changing them will make your units and the whole kitchen very decorative.

5. Additional cabinets?
- If you have the space, add a breakfast counter in your kitchen. The size and shape of your kitchen will determine if you can have one installed, or not. Ensure the countertop is higher than the base cabinet’s 90cm (3ft) standard height. Add two or three counter stools with seats made in colours that match the kitchen's colour scheme. You can add a dropped ceiling over the breakfast countertop with recessed or beautiful pendant lights.

6. Enhance the kitchen windows
- Beautiful window treatments enhance kitchens in remarkable ways and can make them look pretty. Opt for nice prints with lots of colour and bold patterns, especially for wide or bay windows. For a dramatic look, add a stationary valance or cornice. For smaller windows, Roman blinds, roller shades, or a swagger of chintz draped over the window will add texture and pattern to the room.

7. Add a colourful backsplash and/or kicker - Add an energizing colour to your existing cabinets. For an all white scheme (or gloomy hues), make the room look bright and modern by adding backsplash and kicker in a bold colour like spicy orange, an eye catching neon, a rich sapphire blue hue, or a welcoming sunny yellow. Adding bands of colour to a plain kitchen this way peps up the room considerably. Add a set of cooking pots (on a rack), utensils, and a couple of appliances in same colour.

8. Glaze hanging unit's doors - Changing the top cabinet’s doors to glazed panel doors is a great kitchen makeover idea. Glass panel materials you can use include clear, beveled, tinted, frosted, coloured, or beautiful stained glass that comes in hundreds of patterns. Designs range from the Victorian to the contemporary, depending on the kitchen's theme.

9. Change your standalone cooker - If you want a sophisticated and stylish look, a very modern built-in integrated cooker is what you require. They possess a streamlined aesthetic look that's very modern and pleasing to the eye.

A kitchen remodeling project that includes built-in cooking units as opposed to freestanding units will cost much more because the cooker, refrigerator, dishwasher, and the washing machine (if in the kitchen) will all have fitted cabinets doors as well so that every unit is perfectly built-in. But then, for a traditional theme, a fireplace or a standalone cast iron stove (like an Aga cooker) will be nice not only for cooking, but for heating the kitchen . . . saves energy costs too.

10. Introduce new light fittings and fixtures - Choosing the perfect type of lighting when you remodel can have a major effect in the room and complement the overall design of the kitchen. A good choice of kitchen lighting can make a modest space look grand and a larger space absolutely stunning. For a great effect, use a combination of different lights.... general, task, accent, and ambient. This can apply in both large and modest sized kitchens. General lights are the main lighting fixed on the ceiling that will light up the whole room. Task lights are usually under-cabinet lights over the work area, the cooking area, and food preparation area.

Accent light will accentuate a particular part or object in the kitchen - highlighting certain features you want to stand out. And what most people overlook - ambient lights. Ambient lights are those that have the source of light concealed. A good example of ambient lighting is strip lights installed on the cabinet tops and shining directly onto the ceiling or cove lights fitted within pickets on cornices that illuminate without seeing the light fixtures.