7 Room Partition Ideas Using Budget-Friendly Room Dividers

There are numerous room partition ideas that you can use as room dividers to create interior zones within a room. This is particularly important for studio-type flats and open plan apartments. These partition ideas also work well for rooms in bigger homes where the occupants wish to create distinctly different styles within a large space.

For instance, in most of today’s open-plan interiors, there is always a space that has segmented areas within itself. Generally, these areas or zones serve living, dining, and kitchen functions. Some even flow out into outdoor rooms or patio decks.

With today’s downsized-living trend, many modern homes come built like this. They not only come with open layouts, but they come also come with new interior features where rooms serve more than one function. These multipurpose rooms help homeowners make the most out of their square footage.

The Challenges of Small Apartments

One of the biggest challenges of small apartments like studio flats is deciding on how to create privacy when you only have one space (minus the bathroom). But one good thing is that you don’t need to employ the services of a designer to achieve a stylish and functional interior. You can DIY

So, how can you effectively separate one area from the other in a stylish and aesthetically pleasing manner without breaking the bank and how do you create rooms within a room without installing boring partition walls?

It is true that creating two or more distinct living spaces within a single room, without closing each area off can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily there are a good number of ways to do this, and all the solutions mentioned below are not only attractive and easy to implement, but most of them will also cost you next to nothing. The rest are quite affordable too.

7 Affordable Room Partition and Divider Ideas

Before you think about room dividers, you must know the space you want to create. You must also know how the room will function. You must decide which corners and areas of your room will become your workstation, private sitting area, the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Different zones can be created decoratively, not with brick, dry walls, or wood paneling, but with features and forms that will add style, purpose, and aesthetics to the entire room. There are many ways to achieve this. They include the following:
  1. Privacy Screens
  2. Plants
  3. Bookcases
  4. Display units
  5. Fish tank
  6. Storage cabinets
  7. Consoles


Folding Screen Room Divider

Folding screen room dividers are trending again. Though they are traditional and first originated in China around the 4th century BC, they function as both room divider and décor elements. They are great for dividing up areas within a room instead of closing it them up with walls and come in a number of modern and classic styles ranging from 2 to 6 foldable panels for home interiors.

They are also made from inexpensive diverse materials like wood, metal, or PVC framed decorative textiles while the more expensive partition screens come with framed heavy embroidery or ornate works of art.

Three-panel foldable room dividing screen

Plants – Natural or Faux Foliage

A line-up of potted natural or faux plants is a great room partition idea and will serve well as a space divider. A cluster of tall plants can also serve the same purpose. As long as the foliage is a minimum of 140cm high, it can create zones that are distinct and unique in their own way. Natural or artificial bamboo plants work well because bamboo plants are tidy and uniform, and their leaves don’t stick out all over the place.

For a stylish arrangement, try to use nice pots or planters that will enhance and compliment the room’s décor.

Potted faux bamboo plants act a space divider, partitioning the dining area from the walkway.

Open and Multi-Purpose Bookcases

Once you have determined the boundary that demarcates room zones, you can split the two areas with a multi-purpose bookcase where the two faces are functional. You can display anything from books to objects of art and family memorabilia on the living area side, and have storage solutions, a workstation or a gallery of artworks on the other.

Shelves and uprights may be configured symmetrically or asymmetrically. You can also use an open open-back shelving unit which will work as a 'visual’ room divider where you can see through but can't pass through. Remember to leave ample space for movement from one zone to another.

Notice how this room is split in two with just two simple open triangular shape shelves. Place decorations like flower vases, tabletop décor pieces, books, etc...

Display Units and Decorative Stands

Display stands and rectangular, square, or cylindrical columns of varying heights can be arranged in a line or cluster to serve as a room divider that demarcates areas within an open-plan room. You can display items on each unit, but the number of pieces required will depend on the available space you intend to use. You can have a line-up of 3, 5, or 7 units. Remember, using odd numbers is best.

You can display anything from artworks like carvings, statues, ceramic ware, metal art, flowers or dried plant placed in unique vases. You can also showcase your personal collections, driftwood, and your prized trophies.

Decorative display units and pedestal stand. A group of any of these will be a stylish addition to any interior space and serve as space dividers too.

Fish Tanks and Terrariums

You can bring nature into your interior space to form room partitions. Custom-built aquariums make one of the best space dividers because your guests will never tire of watching swimming fish and listening to the gentle sounds of moving water.

If you are not someone that loves the idea of caring for fish and maintaining an aquarium, you can use an ‘aqua-scape’ which is an underwater garden without fish. You can also opt for a standalone terrarium (a glass tank with plants, beach sand, seashells, rocks and/or driftwood) instead. Terrariums barely require much attention, except for the occasional dusting and misting.

Storage Units

A custom-built storage cabinet will not only serve as a partition of sorts, but it will also be a smart, functional, and versatile item of furniture. This is another great idea for a room divider; a unit with a two-faced multi-functional cabinet. This is your storage solution for anything from old boxes and important papers to kitchen utensils, cutlery, and crockery.

A storage unit can hold a library of books on one face and a storage section with doors on the other face and should be deep enough to serve both functions comfortably. You can use the top surface as you would a mantelpiece.

Console Tables

Tall console tables with storage do not always have to be placed against a hallway’s wall. They can be used as a floating freestanding room divider to separate areas stylishly. Depending on the invisible boundary line you’ve drawn between spaces, you can use a short or a long console to act as a room divider.

Ensure it’s a bit tall (min 100cm and max 120cm) and display nice decorative items like framed family photos on pretty stands, objet d’art, or souvenirs.

Even with physical room dividers such as the ones mentioned above, every zone in your open space needs tonal separation. There should be some distinction between areas and choosing colour accents can do the trick. For each separate zone, you can choose subtle colours and themes to make each area expressively distinct, but they should all still flow together seamlessly.