Bohemian Style Décor - Dare to Be Different

You will love a Bohemian style décor for your home if you are colourful, adventurous, and a carefree spirit that doesn’t care to stick to the rules of interior design concepts.

Full of rich vibrant colours and lots of exciting patterns, this home décor style may seem ‘chaotic and disorderly but a Bohemian (boho) scheme captures a freestyle that’s purposefully put together to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Bohemian Theme (created by Viryabo@Polyvore)

Boho chic colours include rich tones of red, purple, tan, brown, orange, including black. Tie-dye works well in Bohemian settings as does Moroccan, Southwestern, Gypsy, and tribal-inspired furniture designs that possess ethnic features.

The style which is an interior decoration wonder if put together properly consists of layered-on effects of different textiles with an almost exaggerated collection of paraphernalia . . . heavily patterned floor rugs, colourful pillows; throw covers, blankets, and wall tapestries.

The key to getting the best ensemble is to carefully match seemingly odd-and-end pieces with ethnic and nomadic style furniture made from wood, wicker, animal hide upholstery, ottomans (pouffes), metallic accents of bronze, brass, and/or copper.

Lots of potted and hanging plants, ceiling wood beams, and beaded curtains add an authentic look to the style.

The boho style is for those who live unconventional lives and like mixing colours, patterns and textures without paying attention to any set interior design rules. Boho chic may sound a little frenzied but that is so far from the truth.

So if you are the creative artistic type that loves to explore, experiment, and reinvent things in your home, you’ll find that the Bohemian design is the best style for some part of your home.

Affordable Ways to Create the Boho Chic Look

Dare to be different! Paint some walls in dark colours.

If you have loads of favourite items and colourful collections, express your unique personality and display them.

You can make patchwork pillow covers from your old clothes or fabric remnants and make blinds from woven mats and throw covers from old blankets.

Try to think out of the box and break interior styling rules. You can mix colours and patterns and set-up a rainbow of colours on your bed with plush pillows.

Don’t forget lanterns and some rugs which you can buy cheap!

Mix styles and create unexpected combinations; this is mostly what the style is all about.

On a final note, it is good to note that Bohemian décor is not a style for the minimalist and organized individual. 

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