Design Tools for Interior Designers - Sketchbooks, Worksheets, and Organizers

If you are an interior designer looking for a way to draw quick design sketches for a prospective client, you will find this indexed journal useful to draw or rough-sketch realistic concepts of interior spaces, and general decor arrangements. If you are a student of interior design, this book is a good one to help you learn how to draw one-point perspectives and illustrate simple 3D layouts for class assignments. This book is also good to draw landscapes, nature drawings, scenes, comics, anime, and art illustrations. 


One-Point Room Perspective Grid for Interior Designers - Add New Dimensions to 3D Hand Sketches with Grid Ruled Paper


Interior designers need to carry out on-site measurements immediately after consulting with prospective clients. On-site, they assess a space or interior, draw a not-to-scale floor plan, wall elevations, and rough-sketch 3D drawings if necessary. For this, they generally use notebooks or loose sheets of A4 paper. Physical and detailed dimensions are then taken and noted next to each feature – floor, wall, electrical sockets, ceiling height, windows, and door openings. This process is always required to develop design concepts and proposals for potential clients. 

Measure, Sketch, and Dimension Notebook for Interior Designers (Portrait Format) - A Task-Specific Book Where the Design Process Begins

(Square format - 8.5" x 8.5")

If you are an interior designer managing an interior design project, you will find this logbook a necessary business tool to have. In this workbook, you can store customer details, plan and organise tasks, and record details of your project activities. You can also use it to keep data of the workforce required for each project, note down challenges encountered and how to solve them, and create a database for all your online and offline vendors. With this niche-specific journal notebook, you will be taking your interior design project management business to the next level. 

Interior Design Project Activity and Record Logbook - Individual Customer Logs, Task Tracker, and Organizer Notebook for Designers