About Me

The author is a professional interior designer with many years of experience in interior design consultation services, space planning and design, custom furniture design, and interior design turn-key projects. She studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, in the early 80s. She is very passionate about her career, sometimes seeing it as more of a hobby than a business venture.

After graduation, she worked as a freelancer for a couple of years, then got employed as an interior design consultant and custom furniture designer. Her custom/specialized furniture designs (and production) ranged from children's' furniture and storage solutions to school furniture, church furniture, and budget-friendly furniture production. Her other specialities are kitchen designs and upgrades, wardrobe and storage solutions, and renovations.

She set up her private firm in the late 80s, practising in both the building (residential and commercial) industry and the real estate industry, and co-owns a furniture production company.

Virginia is an author of interior design business books and creates niche-specific journals, sketchbooks, and notebooks for designers, students of interior design, and creative artists generally. She is also an author on Amazon KDP.

Asides being a vintage fashion enthusiast, her hobbies include playing chess and scrabble, listening to music, blogging, and writing articles online. Her blogs and websites include: