Bathroom Style Idea – Contemporary-Chic Design

Bathrooms are meant to be a private and quiet retreat within your home where you start off the day, and a room to indulge yourself at the end of the day.

Bathroom design ideas are many and varied, but whatever your choice may be, its décor must perfectly match a style that not only suits your mood, but one that also takes your household needs into consideration.

You’ll want to create a bathroom that's efficient, elegant and restful and planning it beforehand is not so difficult, as long as you know your desired theme.

One great bathroom remodelling idea is the contemporary chic style. Popular in the 80's and the 90's, contemporary chic bathrooms are noted for their clean lines and attractive orderliness. It is around this time proper planning and creative bathroom design began to take an important position in home building projects.

Contemporary-Chic Bathroom Features

The contemporary chic style is architecturally designed in such a way that it is almost plain and ambiguous in appearance, designed with a total lack of fuss and clutter. If you are a homeowner with a sense of clear orderliness, you’ll find this theme quite appealing. It is especially popular among career focused people who can neither afford the time nor effort to waste on a bathroom décor that’s neither easy to maintain nor functional to use.

  • Wares - Sophisticated but simple, bathroom wares are sleek, bearing all the hallmarks of good Italian bathrooms style and design. Designed with concealed plumbing works (a big thing back then!), and clean crisp walls, there is nothing that detracts the eye from the pleasant streamlined look of the bathroom wares.

  • Fittings – Bathroom fittings are either pure brilliant white or they possess masculine shades of colours such as greys, champagne or terracotta including almost futuristic lever taps and other fittings in white, chrome or stainless steel.

  • Furniture - The bathroom base and wall cabinetry accommodates all the plumbing pipes whilst providing valuable storage for bath towels, toiletries, medications, first-aid kits, bathroom cleaning supplies, etc., including appliances like hair dryers, massagers, foot bath, and curling irons. They are designed along the lines of a fitted kitchen in a choice of laminated finishes.

  • Walls - With a no-nonsense interior spatial design, the walls are either tiled with contrasting colours, or finished in colours matching the sanitary wares, for a monochromatic colour scheme.

  • Windows - The bathroom windows are treated with unobtrusive and efficient blinds (Venetian) in monochrome colours or metallic shades, but if a softer look is desired, tailored Roman blinds (or modern roller blinds) with geometric patterns look equally great. 

A great looking bathroom will only look wonderful if it’s been planned well from the start. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new bathroom, a remodelling job, or a simple makeover. The principle behind having a thought-out plan remains the same. Remember, few things are as frustrating as an ill-conceived bathroom design.

20th Century Bathroom Theme with a Touch of the 21st Century

Today, bathrooms, whatever its shape or size represents a space that’s much more than a place to have a quick shower and brush up. It’s a space to linger and relax if time permits, a room to have a good soak in luxurious suds, read an interesting magazine, or even have a workout if you have the space.

If you like the contemporary-chic bathroom style and wish to implement it in your home, you can give it a 21st century ‘touch’. Make it a transitional design by introducing some colour (or not) in form of décor items – light fixtures, wallpaper, or colourful bathroom mats, Mason jars of coloured bath salts, shower curtains, tub caddies, prints, decals, colour co-ordinated towels and washcloths, decorative dispensers, and basket of coloured soaps.

Give your bathroom remodelling project some thoughtful plan and attention and make it a divine room to linger in privacy after the bedroom.