How to Decorate a Coffee Table Stylishly

Just like interior spaces can be styled around a particular theme using furniture, furnishings, and interior finishes, so can furniture items, especially those with surfaces like tables, display stands, consoles, bookshelves, mantelpieces and similar projections, and accent furniture.

Decorating a room, therefore, shouldn’t stop at having a great stone floor, placing some wonderful artwork on the walls, setting up expensive sofas, classic blinds, or pretty accent chairs. You can go beyond that by decorating a piece of furniture like your coffee table, enhancing the look of your window with placements on its sill, or making your shelving serve more than just placing books.

Style your Coffee Table

Your coffee table can be made a wonderful focal point in your living room, but this depends on how you style it. This important piece of furniture should serve more than what its name implies. It should also serve as a display surface to hold art pieces, flowers to act as ‘softeners’, carvings, keepsakes, scented candles, coffee table centrepiece, etc... 

How you display or place each item is not really an art in itself but it is good to ensure that whatever décor items are placed on your coffee table, they must be a mix of vertical and horizontal pieces. This results in a more balanced look that’s better on the eye and more aesthetically pleasing to the senses.

Add something exotic like a tabletop water fountain with gently cascading waters, colourful boxes, natural elements, or a beautiful tray with its own decorations in it to break-up the coffee table’s surface. Eye-catching sculptures will also add some height and drama to the table’s surface!

Nothing looks so unpleasant than a ‘naked’ coffee table. You’ll be doing much injustice to this important furniture if it’s left empty or with one lone décor piece.

So, give your centre table some extra flair. Decorate it creatively! And you don’t have to spend tons of money to achieve this because you can remix décor items you have spread all over the house by moving items from one interior space to another. 

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