Where to Display Indoor Water Features in Your Home

Indoor water features are decorative pieces of art that are meant to have both pleasing and beneficial effects on our emotions and personal well-being.

Calming and invigorating, an indoor decorative waterfall is always an eye-catching addition to any interior and an interesting conversation piece.

Indoor water features - A good enhancement for your interior space.

With examples that include table-top features, indoor water fountains, standalone water features, wall-mounted waterfalls, and collection ponds, indoor water features have become a popular home décor item in many households. And because they are quite affordable and versatile, they can be placed in any room; in different parts of the house.

Display methods vary, and placement will depend on your own taste, creativity, and available floor, table-top, or wall space. This means that they can be positioned in a variety of areas and in a variety of ways.

They are perfect as a focal point within any room because, with a water feature display, other furnishings and furniture in the interior space will appear tasteful.

  1. Porch – If you have a good-sized porch, you can place a standalone water feature, a fountain or pond-like feature. This can be complemented with small potted plants to give your porch a natural scenic look.
  2. Foyer – Set in a position, preferably across from the entrance door, water features welcoming visitors into a home have a mood-lifting and calming effect. Wall fitted waterfalls usually works best because they barely take up floor space.
  3. Hallway – Display a table-top water feature on a hallway console set against the longer wall.
  4. Living Room – Table-top water features look great on coffee tables. Not only do the soft sounds of flowing waters calm the nerves, but they also lend an aesthetic attraction to a living room’s interior décor. 
  5. Indoor feature walls - A wall-mounted waterfall unit will turn a bland wall into a feature wall. Many come with remote control options, so you can enjoy its beauty and control its falls without having to get up from your seat.
  6. Niches - If you have a niche or a corner and don’t quite know how to make it an attractive spot, place an elaborate water feature like standalone waterfalls. You can also install a wall waterfalls unit and create an arrangement of potted plants on the floor surrounding the falls.
  7. Bedrooms – Indoor water features are great for bedrooms where the gentle sounds of water can calm and lull some insomniacs into a peaceful fret-free slumber. For bedrooms, the table-top designs can be placed on a bedside table (some come fitted with lamps), or on the dresser or chest of drawers.
  8. Study – Work on your workstation or study with the gentle sounds of flowing water. The sounds of nature like rainfall, rustling leaves, or rushing water are natural white noises that can drown out annoying noises. This leads to a better concentration and an enhanced focus, important requirements for working or studying.
  9. Courtyards and Atriums – You can bring the outdoors indoors with water ponds or fountain features, plants, smooth pebbles, rocks, etc... A setup with natural items will certainly draw lots of compliments from guests.

Water features are made with different materials that range from ceramic, slate, and terracotta, to stone, granite, marble, bronze, glass, and simulated (faux) natural materials. There is always one that will work well and look best for any interior design concept.

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